OPEN WATER DIVER Learn to Scuba Dive!    $450.00
Includes equipment rental

Classroom sessions and confined water training followed by 4 open water dives for certification.
Includes training  materials, DVD viewing,  tuition, pool and open water sessions.
SCUBA equipment rental  is  included in price! - BCD, tank, regulator, airfill and weights.
Students must purchase frrom Inter-Seas Exploration, mask, fins, snorkel, boots and gloves for open water training..
Call 248-666-9359 for details.                                            
OPEN WATER DIVER WTH REFERAL                $ 295
For about half the cost of the full course, you may complete the PADI classroom and pool sessions
locally, then finish up your PADI certification in the warm ocean of you choice!                                                    
SCUBA REVIEW                                   $75 POOL  (+ $10 pool fee)
Has it been over a year since you have been diving? A scuba review class is highly recommended.  Includes classroom and pool session.

ADVANCED OPEN WATER COURSE    $350                            
Prerequisite:  Open Water Diver Certification.
Five open water diving experiences which will include Deep Dive, Underwater Navigation and
Peak Performance Buoyancy plus two additional dives.  Includes training materials, navigation slate, tuition and five dives.
Cost of charter is additional.

RESCUE DIVER                                   $380                                  Prerequisite:  Advanced Open Water Diver.Learn how to prevent diving accidents, assist other divers in distress and manage an emergency in a diving accident.
Training takes place in the pool and open water.  Includes training materials.
CPR and Emergency First Responder certification is required for Rescue Diver certification.l

EMERGENCY FIRST RESPONSE       $125                              

DAN O2 COURSE                                $75                        Prerequisite:  None.


Prerequisite: Rescue Diver; 18 years$525  plus Training Materials & fees
This is the first PROFESSIONAL  level in the PADI system.  This course develops your knowledge and skills to instructor level and qualifies you to professionally assist instructors as well as conduct Skin Diver, Discover Local Diving and Scuba Review programs.
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DISCOVER SCUBA Learn to Scuba Dive!    $ 25  plus cost of pool

Have a fun SCUBA experience!   If you take the  full Open Water Course, your $25  is applied
to the cost of Open Water Diver.  All equipment  is supplied.